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Frequently Asked Question

We want to be able to provide answers to all your queries. Here, we have gathered the most commonly asked questions about our service and process and answered them. Please go through the list below to help you thoroughly understand our logo design services. If you do not find what you’re looking for, kindly let us know by sending us your e-mail message(s).

How much does a logo cost?

Our logo design prices range from $79 to $649, depending on the logo design package you purchased. We offer one of the lowest prices for a logo design without sacrificing its quality.

Why are your logos offered at low cost?

At Trixlogos, quality definitely comes with affordability. While other logo design companies use this to advertise, here, we live by it. This is our way of providing our logo design services to a wide array of clients―businesses, organizations, or institutions.

Is there really a need to hire a professional logo designer?

Every business or organization can actually make its own logo design, giving the business or organization all the freedom to choose the approach they exactly want. But since logos must create a significant high-branding impact, expertise in logo designing must be utilized in order to produce the best possible outcome. Trixlogos understands how important it is to own an effective logo design that will strongly stand by what an organization is all about, including its mission and goals.

How can I best work with a designer on a logo?

You need to be very cooperative as much as possible. In that way, your logo designer can fully absorb your specifications, allowing him to view your logo idea based on your own perspective.

Can I legally protect my logo?

You certainly can because you have all the right to do so. You own the copyright to the final, approved version of your logo design. Trixlogos, however, retains the right to use it on its portfolio, web site, or any of its marketing materials.

Can I see samples of your work?

We have a Logo Samples section here on our web site where you can see some of the most appreciated works of our logo designers. You can see from there what we meant by “fusion of art and magic in logo designs”.

How can I be sure that I will get the logo I want if my logo designer has not yet designed any in my industry?

This is all the more a better reason for you to really work closely with your logo designer. Lack of experience in designing for a certain industry does not mean lack of expertise for that matter at all. Your logo designer can actually impart a whole new idea about your logo design, coming from someone ‘outside’ of your field. By sharing with your designer your ideas, you can both meld a winning logo design concept that will be an exact depiction of how you want your logo to be.

Can I get to coordinate with my designer during the logo design process?

You certainly can. In fact, we encourage close coordination with your logo designer either via phone call or e-mail. We are always open to all possible means of having better coordination in order to get a project done in the most creative and effective way.

Do you provide services to clients all over the world?

Since Trixlogos conducts business via the Internet, we are fully capable of providing our logo design services to every point in the globe. Our high-end technology allows us to provide quality logo design services efficiently and in real time.

Do you also use PANTONE colors?

Yes, we use Pantone colors and we can definitely provide you with a final version of your logo design in Pantone, which is appropriate for both print and on-screen purposes.

What if I don’t have any idea about the logo that I need, can you help me?

It will be our pleasure to share with you our thoughts on how best to develop your logo. Our skilled logo designers may suggest logo ideas that can help you picture or imagine how you want your logo to be designed.

How wsofurther help to you?

We would be happy to be of service to you. Discuss with us how you want your logo to be made. Our skilled logo designers can certainly handle that for you.

Get in touch with us today at626-737-7406 and let us start your logo soon!

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No clip art, start-from-scratch logo design! Our logo designers fully integrate your organization’s spirit and identity to your logo, so every design element is highly polished to exude originality.


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